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Imaging the structural organization of chemical elements in growth cones of developing hippocampal neurons
Asuncion Carmona, Si Chen, Florelle Domart, Daniel Choquet, Richard Ortega
Metallomics (2022) 14(1), mfab073

Molecular Mechanisms of Environmental Metal Neurotoxicity: A Focus on the Interactions of Metals with Synapse Structure and Function Asuncion Carmona, Stéphane Roudeau, Richard Ortega Toxics (2021), 9(9), 198

Native Separation and Metallation Analysis of SOD1 Protein from the Human Central Nervous System: a Methodological Workflow Stéphane Roudeau, Benjamin G. Trist, Asuncion Carmona, Katherine M. Davies, Glenda M. Halliday, Yann Rufin, Stéphane Claverol, Stijn J.M. Van Malderen, Gerald Falkenberg, Kay L. Double and Richard Ortega Analytical Chemistry 2021, 93, 32, 11108–11115

Cytoplasmic aggregation of uranium in human dopaminergic cells after continuous exposure to soluble uranyl at non-cytotoxic concentrations Carmona A., Porcaro F., Somogyi A., Roudeau S., Domart F., Medjoubi K., Aubert M., Isnard H., Nonell A., Rincel A., Paredes E., Vidaud C., Malard V., Bresson C., Ortega R. (2021), NeuroToxicology, 82, 35-44.

Mass spectrometry – based imaging techniques for iodine-127 and iodine-129 detection and localization in the brown alga Laminaria digitata
Lebeau D., Leroy N., Doizi D., Wu T-D, Guerquin-Kern JL, Perrin L., Ortega R., Voiseux C., Fournier JB, Potin P, Fiévet B., Leblanc C. (2021), Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 231, 106552. 

How much manganese is safe for infants? A review of the scientific basis of intake guidelines and regulations relevant to the manganese content of infant formulas Mitchell E.J., Frisbie S.H., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Ortega R. (2020), Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 126710. 

Native separation and metallation analysis of SOD1 protein from the human central nervous system: A methodological workflow
Roudeau S., Trist B.G., Carmona A., Davies K.M., Halliday G.M., Rufin Y., Claverol S., Van Malderen S.J.M., Falkenberg G., Double K.L., Ortega R. (2020), ChemRxiv. 

Correlating STED and synchrotron XRF nano-imaging unveils cosegregation of metals and cytoskeleton proteins in dendrites
Domart F., Cloetens P., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Verdier E., Choquet D., Ortega R. (2020), eLife, 9:e62334.

Estimating daily intakes of manganese due to breast milk, infant formulas, or young child nutritional beverages in the United States and France: Comparison to sufficiency and toxicity thresholds
Mitchell E.J., Frisbie S.H., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Ortega R. (2020), Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 62:126607. 

Manganese levels in infant formula and young child nutritional beverages in the United States and France: comparison to breast milk and regulations Frisbie S.H., Mitchell E.J., Roudeau S., Domart F., Carmona A., Ortega R. (2019), PLoS ONE, 14(11): e0223636.

Mapping chemical elements and iron oxidation states in the substantia nigra of 6-hydroxydopamine lesioned rats using correlative immunohistochemistry with proton and synchrotron micro-analysis
Carmona A., Roudeau S., Perrin L., Carcenac C., Vantelon D., Savasta M., Ortega R. (2019), Frontiers in Neuroscience, 13:1014.

Manganese mapping using a fluorescent Mn2+ sensor and nanosynchrotron X-ray fluorescence reveals the role of the Golgi apparatus as a manganese storage site
Das S., Carmona A., Khatua K., Porcaro F., Somogyi A., Ortega R., Datta A. (2019), Inorganic Chemistry, 58, 13724-13732.

Isotopic variations of copper at the protein fraction level in neuronal human cells exposed in vitro to uranium
Paredes Paredes E., Malard V., Vidaud C., Avazeri E., Ortega R., Nonell A., Isnard H., Chartier F., Bresson C. (2019), Analyst, 144, 5928-5933.

Deciphering the uranium-target proteins in human dopaminergic SH-SY5Y cells
Vidaud C., Robert M., Paredes E., Ortega R., Avazeri E., Jing L., Guigonis J.M., Bresson C., Malard V. (2019), Archives of Toxicology, 93, 2141-2154.

Emerging chemical tools and techniques for tracking biological manganese
Das S., Khatua K., Rakshit A., Carmona A., Sarkar A., Bakthavatsalam S., Ortega R., Datta A. (2019), Dalton Transactions, 48, 7047-7061.

SLC30A10 mutation involved in parkinsonism results in manganese accumulation within nano-vesicles of the Golgi apparatus
Carmona A., Zogzas C.E., Roudeau S., Porcaro F., Garrevoet J., Spiers K., Salome M., Cloetens P., Mukhopadhyay S., Ortega R. (2019), ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 10, 1, 599-609. [pubmed]

Uranium exposure of human dopaminergic cells results in low cytotoxicity, accumulation within sub-cytoplasmic regions, and down regulation of MAO-B Carmona A., Malard V., Avazeri E., Roudeau S., Porcaro F., Paredes E., Vidaud C., Bresson C., Ortega R. (2018), NeuroToxicology, 68, 177-188. [pubmed] 

Impact of uranium uptake on isotopic fractionation and endogenous element homeostasis in human neuron-like cells
Paredes E., Avazeri E., Malard V., Vidaud C., Reiller P.E., Ortega R., Nonell A., Isnard H., Bresson C. (2018), Scientific Reports, 8, 17163.

Advances in element speciation analysis of biomedical samples using synchrotron-based techniques
Porcaro F., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Ortega R. (2018), Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 104, 22-41.

A new procedure for high precision isotope ratio determinations of U, Cu and Zn at nanogram levels in cultured human cells: what are the limiting factors?
Paredes E., Avazeri E., Malard V., Vidaud C., Ortega R., Nonell A., Isnard H., Chartier F., Bresson C. (2018), Talanta, 178, 894-904.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like superoxide dismutase 1 proteinopathy is associated with neuronal loss in Parkinson’s disease brain Trist B.G., Davies K.M., Cottam V., Genoud S., Ortega R., Roudeau S., Carmona A., De Silva K., Wasinger V., Lewis S.J.G., Sachdev P., Smith B., Troakes C., Vance C., Shaw C., Al-Sarraj S., Ball H.J., Halliday G.M., Hare D.J., Double K.L. (2017), Acta Neuropathologica, 134, 113-127. [pubmed]

Zinc and copper effects on stability of tubulin and actin networks in dendrites and spines of hippocampal neurons
Perrin L., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Domart F., Petersen J.D., Bohic S., Yang Y., Cloetens P., Ortega R. (2017), ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 8, 1490-1499. [pubmed]

Heterogeneous intratumoral distribution of gadolinium nanoparticles within U87 human glioblastoma xenografts unveiled by micro-PIXE imaging
Carmona A., Roudeau S., L’Homel B., Pouzoulet F., Bonnet-Boissinot S., Prezado Y., Ortega R. (2017), Analytical Biochemistry, 523, 50-57. [pubmed]

An Akouemma hemisphaeria organic macrofossils colony hosting biodiversity assemblage on the seafloor of Okondja Basin (Gabon) dated at 2.2 Ga
Edou-Minko A., Moussavou M., Sato T., Tchikoundzi C., Sawaki Y., Ndong Ondo S., Ortega R., Maire R., Kaestner A., Mbina Mounguengui M., Roudeau S., Fleury G., Carmona A., de Parseval Ph., Mvoubou M., Moussavou B.M., Agondjo M.O., Sasaki O., Maruyama S. (2017), Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 6, 281.

Growth, duplication and lateral mutual compressive deformation of Akouemma hemisphaeria on the seafloor of Okondja Basin at 2.2 Ga (Gabon)
Edou-Minko A., Moussavou M., Sato T., Sawaki Y., Ndong Ondo S., Maire R., Fleury G., Mbina Mounguengui M., Kaestner A., Ortega R., Roudeau S., Carmona A., Mvoubou M., Moussavou B.M., Sasaki O., Maruyama S. (2017), International Journal of Geosciences, 8, 1172-1191.